Hamilton Sanatorium Series

I used to frequent the Hamilton Sanatorium site, a space that was surprisingly active. Despite its extensive history, it remained an abandoned space in a city that prides itself on protecting its heritage.

On a warm summer evening in 2014 I ventured over to capture the latest artifacts where I was startled by a man on the roof of the main building. "Are you taking pictures?" he asked. To this day, I still don't know who he was and why he was on the roof - security perhaps. As I spotted another man on the roof the first man asked, "Did you want to come up? This is a part of history...". I'll go to the extreme for some good shots, but being murdered and left for rat food wasn't very appealing. I politely declined.

Little did I know that these were some of the last photographs of the space. I returned a couple of days later to find the entire campus fenced up and being prepared for demolition.

This photodocumentary series is an amalgamation of my many visits to the space. The text, which reads "Happiness will find you when you stop hiding." is ominous graffiti I found on the site which I redrew and screen printed onto the inside of the glass. The text casts a shadow on the photographs, depending on the light. The photographs were printed locally at Copydog - a decision that isn't obvious to the viewer, but is important to me.

The series was exhibited at Blackwood Gallery and Visual Arts Mississauga at Riverwood.